Give the Gift of Masks This Holiday Season

High-Performance KN95 Masks and Other PPE Make Perfect Christmas Gifts This Holiday Season

Everything that we all love and take for granted about the holidays seems to have been turned topsy-turvy in 2020. Surging pandemic numbers make it look like we’ll all be having a “blue Christmas”—or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, or any other seasonal celebration we might ordinarily look forward to—sheltered in place, sadly missing the company of our friends and family members who live outside the protective “bubbles” we’ve formed.

We’re planning for holiday parties and meals we’ll throw or attend remotely on Zoom. Instead of going shopping in stores, we’re ordering all our gifts and cards online and sending them off to their recipients with a click of the mouse or touchpad rather than a trip to the post office or delivery service.

Holiday gifts themselves seem especially challenging this year. What will bring our loved ones comfort and joy in 2020 when so many things feel fraught with peril? Give them a stylish new outfit to wear on an evening out or an outdoor adventure? Who’s going anywhere these days? Buy them great food and drink? Honestly, we’ve all indulged in far too much of both since we first shut ourselves in last spring. How about sending something wonderful to read? Been there, read that, in all the time we’ve had since each of our individual worlds shrank to the dimensions of the walls around us.

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Show You Care By Giving Masks for Christmas

So, what are the best gift ideas to give for Christmas 2020, Kwanzaa 2020, or Hanukkah 2020 (or 5780 if you go by the Jewish calendar)? The surprising answer may be literally right in front of your nose, a life-saving product that may also feel sometimes like the bane of our lives these days: masks, or more specifically high-performance KN95 masks, along with other personal protective equipment (also known by the now-familiar initials “PPE”).

Why masks as Christmas gifts? When you want to give a holiday present, what else could possibly show how much you care more than a simple device that possesses the power to literally save someone’s life?

High-quality, high-performance, four-layer KN95 masks like those offered by Seattle PPE ( provide high-efficiency 95-percent filtration againsts viruses, germs, bacteria and more—significantly better protection than the flat masks and cloth masks you see so many people wearing these days. They’re far more comfortable and secure than either of those options, with an adjustable pliable metal clip that provides a tight seal across the bridge of your nose, soft fabric ear loops, and a design in which the front of the mask sits away from your mouth for easier, more comfortable breathing and speaking. And you can go on wearing the mask until it looks dirty.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Mask of Choice!

Need independent proof that KN95 masks are good enough for the most cautious and scientifically rigorous among us? None other than German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who before entering politics earned a doctorate in quantum chemistry from the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry at the Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Adlershof has made KN95 masks her PPE of choice and has even been photographed proudly wearing one.

Seattle PPE offers the TUGU KN95 mask, the same one Angela Merkel wears, in factory-sealed packs of 5 masks each. You can purchase 80 masks for less than $100 dollars, making it possible to share these high-quality masks with everyone on your Christmas list.

If you want to splurge on masks, you can even upgrade to the new Powecom premium KN95 masks. Priced at around $130 for 80 masks and sealed in packs of 10 masks each, they offer phenomenal 99-percent filtration results, according to multiple tests conducted by the Centers for Disease Control.


KN95 Masks—An Easy Gift to Give

While providing unmatched protection, quality, and comfort for those you love, KN95 masks also offer a very welcome convenience for holiday gift-giving in the age of COVID. Being lightweight and securely sealed in their cellophane packs, they are remarkably easy and inexpensive to ship. Packets of masks will even fit inside many oversized Christmas cards. (Check the weight of the sealed card on a kitchen scale and look up Priority Mail postage rates on the USPS website to make sure you put enough stamps on the envelope.) Or have Seattle PPE ship orders directly to recipients on your list.

For those within your shelter-at-home bubble, KN95 masks offer another unexpectedly delightful advantage as holiday gifts. Lightweight and small in dimensions, sealed packets of masks also fit with surprising ease as Christmas stocking-stuffers!


Other Holiday Gifts of PPE

If you’re looking for a more extravagant Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa presents for special people on your list, Seattle PPE also offers a wide range of other items that many people welcome wholeheartedly. Good choices range from boxes of premium disinfecting alcohol-based sanitizing wipes to reusable transparent full-face shields to disinfection UV-C lights.

One of the most giftable items is Seattle PPE’s new hand-sized portable UV-C light. Measuring just 2.24 by 5 inches and powered by a lithium battery that recharges via USB in just two hours, this little PPE powerhouse is small but mighty, effectively employing its ultraviolet rays to kill viruses and bacteria and disinfect and deodorizes a space up to 60 square feet in just 30 minutes. It’s available in three different colors: ivory, white, and the cheeriest shade of holiday pink!

So consider adding KN95 masks and other PPE to your holiday present ideas list. What better choice could you make than to give a gift that helps make sure that the people you care about will stick around to celebrate holidays yet to come.

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