Why should I wear a mask?

The medical community continues to be concerned by false information being spread opposing the very real need to wear masks to slow the spread of COVID-19. Rather than summarize the true and very critical reasons why we all should, please have a look at the following recent links from reputable sources:



In addition, we want to point out the following very revealing information: Hong Kong, which has a population density higher than that of New York City and is only 600 miles from Wuhan, where the virus originated, has suffered only 7 deaths from coronavirus. Seoul, South Korea, 800 miles from Wuhan and with a similar population and density to New York City's, had about 100 deaths. Both cities have mask-wearing rates of greater than 99 percent. While we cannot say that wearing masks has been the only factor for those mega-cities to stay mostly free of COVID-19, we do believe that masks have been a primary factor in limiting the spread of the virus.